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Smart Home Help

Smart Home Help

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Our low-cost Smart Home Help service takes away the hassle, confusion and frustration of getting started with today’s household technology.

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About Us

Who We Are

A family team focussed on helping others in the use of their technology, having using technology daily over the past 20 years we have had a lot of joy out of using it and we want others to experience the same joy as we've had

What We Do

We seek to help people who are new to using technology or wanting to try something new, on their feet with there technology and ensure that they get the most out of their technology and take away all the hassle involved in getting the most out of today's technology

Why Use Us

We want to help people get the most of their technology and are willing to help you develop your knowledge and understanding with technology as we have 20 years of experience of using technology daily and want others to get as much enjoyment as we do out of technology

How We Help

We get you registered for your preferred services, we can install applications on your smart devices & we get you familiar with and able to use the apps and services on your devices also we can advise on devices and services to fit your needs

Get the most out of your Smart Technolgy

  1. Devices
  2. Services
  3. Smart Home
  4. Security
  • Smart TV

    Setup your Smart TV with free catch up & On demand services

  • Desktop

    Get your Desktop set up with the apps you need

  • Laptop

    Get your Laptop set up with the apps you need

  • Tablet

    Transfer everything you want from your phone

  • Mobile Phone

    Want to know how to keep all your messages when moving device

Our Stories



John had decided to buy himself a Smart TV as he had heard of services like BBC iPlayer and wanted to use them himself however he found out when he got him with the TV that he required an internet connection to use these services.



Tommy a life long football fan, used to attend all the football games but due to his health, he was unable to go to watch his team any more.

We ensured that Tommy could watch all the football matches of his team by equipping him with the technology and services he required so he could watch them in the comfort of his own home.



Paul bought himself a new mobile phone and was having issues when trying to log into his accounts as he had forgotten, account details and then on some applications, he was unable to login due to security reasons.